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An outline of each of our plots is below. Some of our plots are set in particular time periods, so taking part in fancy dress is suggested, but is not compulsory.

For each of our murder mystery dinners, meet with the suspects before the meal begins, then your helpful Inspector will guide you through the evening with clues and evidence. Question the suspects over the 3 course dinner until the murderer is revealed over coffee.

Weekends also available.

It is 1928. What secrets are hidden above and below stairs at Lord and Lady Latterley’s mansion?

Murder at Mounton Abbey

Gladys Haulover is throwing a retirement party. But is someone going to be retired for good?

A Bad Day at the Office

Secrets, lies and rock n roll in the 1950s. Who lives? Who dies? Who has the best quiff?

The Day the Music Died

Clashing egos, prima donnas and flat notes abound. But for whom will it be the final movement?

Orchestral Manoeuvres

Ray guns at the ready! Nerds and ne’er-do-wells rub shoulders at our scifi convention.

Close Encounters of the Murdered Kind

It’s glam  versus punk in 1976, and Hotrocks nightclub is at the centre of it all. Join our disco of death!

A Fatal Flare-Up

It’s the last day of the school term. Who will be missing their holiday?

School’s Out

Death on the ocean wave, where choppy seas and leaky boats are the least of your worries!

All at Sea

Seances, secrets, and supernatural suspense in 1947. Do you dare to enter Fitzgibbons Hall?

The Horror of Fitzgibbons


It’s Christmas party time for the staff of Scamlyns department store. But was someone seen killing Santa underneath the mistletoe?

Something Nasty in Store This Christmas

It’s the 10th anniversary of the opening of the local zoo, and it’s not just the animals that need to be behind bars!

Animal Instincts

An ancient curse, witches, secrets and lies. You may enter the village of Witch’s Hollow, but you might not get out alive…

The Curse of Witch’s Hollow

It’s the wrap party for the latest zombie movie. But not everyone will be returning from the dead!

Night of the Walking Dead

Join local drama group, 'Super-Thesp', as they celebrate the final performance of their own twist on a popular pantomime.


It’s murder in the mountains as you join us for apres ski with a difference in Chalet Liebchen.

Murder on the Piste

Join us in the Wild West and find out who is good, who is bad, and who is ugly.

Death in Doomstone:

 A Wild West Killing

 Phone: 07540 378627 or 07805 672007


Welcome to the 'Bleeding Hearts' Dating Agency, where romance is always on the cards. But who will break up and never wake up?

Bleeding Hearts

IIt’s the festive fete in Letsby village. But what is lurking beneath the village green? Is there more Christmas fear than Christmas cheer? More kill than goodwill?

A Fete Worse Than Death

IBertie Rooster’s aunt has thrown a huge party to find her nephew a wife. Can his faithful butler Joves save the day, or will murder and scandal spoil the soiree?

Murder, By Jove!

A Spiffing 1920s Mystery

IProhibition-era America, and the mobsters rule this city. Join us in the speakeasy for booze, broads and bands, but don’t tell the coppers!

Mobbed to Death

A 1920s Valentine’s Killing

It’s the pilot of a new ghost-hunting TV show. Beware of things that go bump in the night, as our experts try to contact the other side!

Mostly Haunted

Never mind the brussels, the Cracker family have feud rather than food on their mind this Christmas! Which Cracker will be the first to explode?

Cracker Doom

It’s Grace’s hen party. Will eveything remain sunny side up, or will there be an egg-secution? Will the bride-to-be take control, or might there be a new pecking order?

Coop de Grace

It’s election time in the village of Micklethwaite, and the votes have finally been counted. Who will be losing more than just their seat? Who will turn this by-election into a die-election?

Blood on the Ballot Box