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Home Guest Reviews

 Some of the feedback from our guests…

“Brilliant night. First experience of Stab in the Dark but will definitely book again”

“Fabulous. First timer & would definitely attend another. Great fun!!”

“Great fun, great production. Looking forward to doing it again!”

“Fantastic night. Wonderful new experience.”

“Been before, loved it. Came again, loved it. Be back for zombie night in October”

“Loved it – well done for a very enjoyable evening”

“My first murder mystery and thoroughly enjoyed it. An excellent evening”

“A great night for everyone”

“This is my second ‘Stab in the Dark’ evening. Fabulous!”

“Fabulous show – thoroughly enjoyable evening!”

“Thanks for a lovely entertaining evening!”

“I’ve never been to one of these events before so didn’t know what to expect. Very enjoyable.”

“Brilliant night. Attended a best friend’s 50th birthday. Would do it again.”

“Brilliant evening, thank you”

“Great night. When’s the next one?”

“I have been twice now and fully enjoyed both mystery nights”

“Thank you for an engaging, thoroughly enjoyable experience”

97% of our guests rate us as Good, Very Good or Excellent for overall enjoyment

91% say that they would consider coming to another of our events.

(Data collected from customer feedback forms at the end of each evening)

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